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Ready to escape in the world of imagination?  Ready to give up your electronic device or the television? The best way to fully immerse yourself into other worlds is through the gift of books. 

Most of us have to carve out space and time to read.  Maybe we carry a book with us to work and sneak away during lunch to finish that last chapter.  Maybe we have one with us in the car while waiting for kids to finish their practices. Or maybe the only way we can read is by locking ourselves in the bathroom so that the rest of the family leaves us alone.  Houses used to have libraries–a designated place for quiet contemplation and reading.  That square footage is taken up by other demands these days.  However, it’s not impossible to create a book lover’s paradise that is just for reading. And then you are hiding in plain sight.

First, choose the right spot. Maybe it’s a corner of the bedroom or spot in the family room that is removed from the traffic. Make sure you either have strong natural light during the day or access to electricity. Create a relaxing ambiance with soft and warm lighting. Consider using fairy lights, string lights, or a floor lamp with a dimmer switch to set the perfect mood for reading.

Invest in a comfortable chair or a plush reading nook seat like a bean bag, chaise lounge, or an oversized armchair with soft cushions. Opt for materials that invite you to sink in and get lost in the pages of your favorite book. Enhance the comfort of your reading nook with soft and inviting textiles. Add plush throw blankets, cozy cushions, and a faux fur rug to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Personalize your space with books. Bring in a touch of Harry Potter’s hidden library magic by incorporating bookshelves or floating bookcases. Surround your reading nook with your favorite reads and literary treasures to make it a book lover’s paradise. Stack books–either already read or one’s on your new reading list. Make it obvious that this is a place for books, not Legos.

Surround your reading nook with inspiring quotes, wall art, or framed illustrations from your favorite books or mental wanderings. This artistic touch will encourage your imagination to wander even further as you dive into different worlds through reading.

If you want more than a chair, you have options. Lots of options. Fun options. Creative options.

If you have a large, used closet, consider removing the shelves and rod–or at least moving the shelf up high. Drape the walls with fabric or cover with paint. Hang pictures. Put books up on the shelf. Take the door off and hang curtains. Squeeze in a comfortable chair or a pile of bean bags and pillows for children for a relaxed reading spot.

Entranced by C. S. Lewis’s The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe as a child. You can either make a pint-sized reading room or create a haven for adults. The ingredients include a small room or large closet or unused space. Add to it one armoire–either the front or the whole piece. Remove the back and shelves. Install a clothing rod and place it in front of the door. Hang some coats in it and then use it as the entrance to your reading room. Magically, your space in transported.

Have a small attic or unusual space near stairs. Add a ladder, some shelves and seating; you have the perfect cozy corner to read no matter your size.

Books are one of the many layers that turn a house into a home. By using your space efficiently and creatively, you send the message to visitors that you have considered how best to use the space you have been given.  It also will send a message to potential buyers when you are ready to share your house with the next generation. Your reading nook will become part of the lore of your home.  The Yosha-Snyder Group knows that.  They are committed to working to help potential buyers imagine their own story in your house.

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