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Summer Reading List 2023

There’s something about summer that calls for a new book to devour. Maybe it’s the warmer temperatures. Maybe it’s the longer days. Maybe it’s the fresh air.  No matter the reason, here are some recent favorites –

Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver

Demon Copperhead

Kingsolver, a master storyteller, tells the tale of Damon, a 21st century David Copperfield.  Based in Appalachia, Damon is an irresistible young boy who is discarded by his community but readers will embrace. If you are ready for the transformative power of a good story to balance the ills of society, this is a must-read for your summer.

(Category: Adult, Fiction)

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The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams

The dictionary of lost words

Creating the Oxford English Dictionary was no small task. Words were sent from all over the world to the Scriptorium in Oxford where James Murray and his team of lexicographers compiled all of the entries, starting with the letter A.  Young Esme comes to work each day with her father who works in the Scriptorium.  One day, a letter falls off the sorting table and floats down to where Esme is quietly playing. She pockets the lost word, handmaid, and so begins her search to claim those lost words.

(Category: Adult, Historical Fiction)

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Less and the sequel Less is Lost  by Andrew Sean Greer


Andrew Sean Greer won the Pulitzer with his comedic novel, Less. Follow the adventures of Arthur Less, an average writer from San Francisco, embarks on a world tour to get over the love he has for a man he has lost–and to avoid his own 50th birthday. With stops in New York, Berlin, Paris, Morocco, and India.  After accepting invitation after invitation, he eventually finds his way home.  In the sequel, Less is Lost, Arthur has to travel across the United States with wit and verve to discover that the stories we carry with us cannot be ignored.

(Category: Adult, Fiction)

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A Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

Long way down

Will has some choices to make.  And luckily the elevator is taking its time stopping at every floor.  Write in terse verse, this novel will capture your heart as Will grapples with reality. Reynolds won numerous awards for this book, including being named a Time Best Young Adult novel of all time.

(Category: Young Adult, Fiction)

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The Mosquito Bowl by Buzz Bissinger

The Mosquito Bowl

Bissinger may be best known for Friday Night Lights, but this football book is set in a different arena. It’s World War II.  It’s the Pacific.  It’s Christmas Eve. And it’s an enthusiastic, semi-organized football game on Guadalcanal between the 29th and Fourth Regiments of the Sixth Marine Division. The Mosquito Bowl was filled with Former All Americans, captains from Wisconsin and Brown and Notre Dame, and nearly twenty men who were either drafted or would ultimately play in the NFL.  It’s their story of one last game before the invasion of Okinawa.

(Category: Adult, Nonfiction)

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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Reid has been on a roll lately.  She focuses on all things Hollywood (maybe you’ve binged her Daisy Jones & the Six limited series on Apple+) with a little history thrown in. Evelyn Hugo is an aging Hollywood star who is ready to give one last interview and selects a relative unknown.  Join the ride as she revisits her relationship with those seven husbands and unearths some mysteries.

(Category: Adult, Fiction)

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The Tennis Partner by Abraham Verghese

The Tennis Partner

Verghese is known for his fictional Cutting for Stone (another good read if you are interested in an epic novel that spans two continents–Africa and North America–and follows the saga of twins orphaned at birth with the death of their mother and the neglect of their father). In The Tennis Partner, Verghese, a physician going through a divorce, moves to El Paso, Texas for a fresh start. There, he befriends a young intern who is haunted by his own demons. The two men play tennis regularly, and their relationship is an ode to friendship found.

(Category: Adult, Memoir)

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When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanthi

When breath becomes air

Paul Kalanthi has it all. He has two BA’s from Stanford–one in English literature and one in human biology.  He has a medical degree from Yale.  He married the love of his life. And he’s about to finish his residency in neuroscience at Stanford. And then he gets sick. This memoir, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, is an unforgettable look at living life by the doctor who became a patient.

(Category: Adult, Memoir)

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