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Nickel Plate Trail

On May 14, 2022, the people of Fishers celebrated the grand opening of the new Nickel Plate Trail in Fishers, Indiana. The Fishers portion of the trail began as the Nickel Plate Trail Project and was created in two different phases. The first phase included 106th to 131st street. However, it did not include the downtown area with the pedestrian tunnel. This construction phase was completed in late 2020. The second phase involved the construction of the downtown portion of the trail and this was completed ahead of the grand opening celebration that happened on May 14, 2022.

The city has built this trail hoping that it will strengthen connectivity within the city. Now, pedestrians can travel from 146th Street to 106th street seamlessly without interfering with the flow of traffic. Furthermore, the city partnered with Duke Energy to develop a permitting process that will enable adjacent properties to connect to the trail. Now, if you have private property, you can opt for a direct connection to the trail through it.

The trail has a downtown portion with a built-in ramp and the famous monumental stairs that allows cyclists and pedestrians access to the trail. It also features a pedestrian bridge that with an exit on the north side of 116th street connects the new Nickel Plate Station Plaza to the already existing train platform.

Our favorite place to get to the trail is 9 Municipal Drive, Fishers, Indiana. This is off I-69, west of Target. Below is a map showing the location of our favorite onboarding spot.

Good place to get started with the trail

Things to do at Nickel Plate Trail

Farmers Market

The Fishers Farmers Market ran from 8 am to noon at the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater, allowing residents to shop from local vendors. The afternoon celebration began from noon to 4 pm and gave the residents a chance to enjoy public art, food trucks, live music, and much more.

Another Broken Egg Cafe

If you’re looking for breakfast, go no further than Another Broken Egg Cafe. This amazing restaurant offers delicious breakfast foods that will leave you full.

Four Day Ray Brewing

This brewery started brewing in 2016 and offers family-friendly foods and craft beers. When available, Irish Lager is one of our writers choices.

Nickel Plate District Amphitheater

There’s always something going on at the nearby amphitheater. Check out the musical line up and other events at

About Fishers, Indiana

The City of Fishers is a part of Indianapolis and the larger Hamilton County. The city was ranked the number one place to live in the States by Money Magazine in 2017. The city is a vibrant and entrepreneurial place with opportunities for growth, increasing property values, and innovation. However, it can also be the perfect destination for a vacation, the perfect night out, summer camp, or a simple picnic.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources provided grants for the construction of the new trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do on the trail?

The trail is ideal for different activities including walking, cycling, hiking, running, and even skating. As a cyclist or pedestrian, you will enter the tunnel from the South and North Street. The paved trail is smooth, wide, and comfortable for all these activities and has a good mix of open spaces and shade throughout the trail.

When can I walk the trail?

The trail opens daily to trail users between dawn and dusk. However, the downtown portion more specifically from the South Street to Lantern Road will be slightly different. This portion will be open between 6 am and midnight once the city completes construction. There are paved portions and benches along the way and water and toilet facility in the northern terminus.

Can I ride a bike?

Yes, you can. All self-propelled transport modes are allowed on the trail. However, horses and motorized transportation is out of bounds.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed. However, you will be required to keep your pet on a leash of 6 feet or shorter when on the trail. You will also be expected to pick up their waste and dispose of them properly.

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