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Bedroom staged for home sale

If you want to buy a house, the first thing you do is get in your car and drive around for weeks in the neighborhoods you like looking for a For Sale sign, right?  Nope. You pull out your phone or open up your computer. That’s how you landed on the Yosha Snyder Group website in the first place. We know this. And while we know words are as important as actions, what captured you in the first place was probably a photograph of something that appealed to you.

How your home is presented to the public makes all of the difference. Hiring a professional to photograph your home in its best light may make a huge difference between selling your house for a good price or having it linger on the market for weeks.

First impressions matter. We are human. But when we meet someone for the first time, it helps to know that they are making the effort. The vast majority of potential buyers are highly influenced that move beyond simply looking online by seeing a professional photograph. A high-quality photograph makes your house shine (as does the professional lighting and editing involved in creating perfection).

Selling a house is good marketing. Highlighting the best attributes of a house is essential. A professional photograph understands the dynamics that make the photograph interesting and how, literally, to light the photograph to support its attributes. Homes represented by professionally staged photographs tend to sell 32% faster than those which are not professional.

Increased sale price. Homes that chose to have professional photos tend to sell for higher prices than those without. Recently, a study by Redfin found that homes that cost more than $200,000 with professional photos sold for an average of $3,400 to $11,200 more than those without. That’s more money in your pocket.

Flexibility.  If you choose to use a professional photographer, you will not only make money but save time.  The photograph will provide you with all of the versions of the photographs to support the marketing strategy.  Photographs for online listings?  Done. Photographs for brochures?  Done. Photographs for other needs?  Done.

Cost. Many real estate agents work closely with professional photographers. Often, this is part of the REALTOR®’s marketing strategy and is part of their cost. In fact, the Yosha Snyder Group makes it a priority to provide everything that is needed to market your home. They will work closely with you to determine what will work best for your home.  Take this worry off of your list.

If you want to put everything into play–a market-ready house, a realistic price point, and the right REALTOR®–having your house professionally photographed is the best way to introduce your house to the residential real estate market. The Yosha Snyder Group knows this and wants to work with you to attract potential buyers and achieve the highest possible sale price. This is one investment that pays off every time.

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