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Sometimes we move because we, simply, are ready for new digs. Other times, moving is a necessity and possibly even a chore. Maybe the house has become too small for your growing family. Maybe your job requires a relocation. Maybe you feel the need to downsize while you can still make those decisions for yourself.

No matter the rationale, a REALTOR® is the guide to help ease the potential pain of this adventure and keep it from being a (mis)adventure.

A Professional

Let’s start with the obvious. A REALTOR® is a professional. Even the proper noun is trademarked. First used in 1912, this word has been working hard for over a century–just like the people who have earned their REALTOR® license want to work hard for you. Realtors have to take tests and continually complete renewal work in order to maintain their license. Their learning never ends as they prepare to help you.

A REALTOR® has two jobs: to either represent a seller or represent a buyer. The reality is that the REALTOR® does both jobs. They know the ultimate goal is a financial transaction–the sale of the house. Getting there might look a little different depending on your needs, but both paths have a fiduciary responsibility to the seller and the buyer.

The Seller’s Agent

Representing the seller makes them a seller’s agent. Their job is to help the seller determine the right time to sell the home, determine a reasonable selling price based on comps (comparable sales of similar homes) in the area, and list the home. Once the house is listed, the seller’s agent work will continue as they market the home to potential buyers as they will also arrange open houses and facilitate showings. When an offer is made the seller’s agent represents the sellers in all negotiations. Studies show that, while homes can certainly be sold FSBO (For Sale By Owner), a REALTOR® is predicted to generate 30% in sales than a FSBO transaction. Generally, their fee is included in the final sale price of the home. This means their skill translates into getting the most money possible for the seller.

The Buyer’s Agent

A buyer’s agent represents the buyer. The REALTOR® will help you determine the house you need in the area you want. Because of their vast knowledge and training, they will help you consider things you had not thought of. Huge yard? Do you really want the maintenance? Basement laundry? Do you really want to navigate those stairs daily with twins? This might seem simplistic, but the buyer’s agent represents YOU, so they are trained to consider aspects of home buying you have not. They will arrange the showings and go with you, as they–and you–learn what you like and what you don’t like. The buyer’s agent will utilize their network of colleagues and resources to help find the best home to fit your needs. Then, they will advise you on reviewing the inspection report, negotiating the price, and will join you at the signing table when that house becomes your home.


The buyer’s agent wants to build a relationship with you to help as you traverse the real estate marketplace. But, actually, so does the seller’s agent. That’s why a good real estate agent like the Yosha-Snyder Group is adept at wearing both hats. Today, you might be buying a home; tomorrow, you might be selling your house. In both cases, the Yosha-Snyder Group wants to be with you every step of the way.

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