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It’s no secret that buying real estate is a good investment.  If you want short-term gains, though, play the lottery. But real estate?  That’s an investment in the best sense of the word. And if the investment is also the roof over your head, then your home is making money for you while you sleep.

A few years ago, the housing market was hot–and anxiety-producing especially for buyers.  Houses seemed to sell almost overnight and often that sign in the yard barely stayed up long enough to share the name of the REALTOR®.  Buyers were paying cash and ignoring inspections.  However, that flurry has died down a bit–mostly due to increasing interest rates. The market has started to naturally adjust.  

Forbes magazine hints that buyers are going to have to work to find the right home. That translates into the importance of having a REALTOR® negotiate the housing market with you. 

If the seller has a low interest mortgage, they might be inclined to wait for the best offer. If the buyer’s REALTOR® is knowledgeable about the comparisons available, this information will help guide productive decisions.

Overall projects for the 2023 markets are varied.  Sellers may get to call the shots.  But so may the buyers.  Understanding your financial risk is essential.  A mortgage calculator helps you determine what you can afford, and armed with this knowledge translates specifically to making a good financial decision.

The market is the market.  Much like the weather, past models can aid in projecting what 2023 might look like.  But nothing is more important than understanding your own finances.  Since homes in Indiana continue to sell near list price, it is a seller’s market right now, and real estate projections are not changing in the immediate future.  

What does all of this mean? Will you never buy your dream home?  No way.  There’s a house out there waiting for you.  Hiring the best REALTOR® is an essential part of the plan to help you break into the housing market, and the Yosha Snyder Group understands the intricacies of the 2023 housing forecast.  Working with the Yosha Snyder Group is the best way to put a roof over your head in 2023.

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