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Seasonal Maintenance Checklist

As the weather starts to warm up, we all get a little bit of spring fever because we are tired of the inside of our homes. This is a great time to consider some simple but essential home maintenance steps.

The Yosha Snyder Group believes that maintaining a home year-round is crucial for preserving its value, efficiency, and overall comfort. By following a seasonal maintenance checklist, homeowners can stay on top of tasks and address issues before they become costly repairs. Here’s a comprehensive guide to seasonal maintenance:


  1. Inspect Roof and Gutters: Check for loose or damaged shingles, and clear gutters of debris to prevent water damage.  Consider adding screen guards if you find your gutters get clogged with leaves from the fall. You can purchase your own screens from your local hardware store or hire a professional.
  2. Service HVAC System: Nothing is worse than turning on your air conditioner on the first hot day and find it’s not doing its job.  Schedule a professional HVAC inspection and tune-up to ensure optimal performance for the upcoming warmer months. Change its filters.
  3. Check Exterior: Inspect siding, paint, and caulking for any signs of wear or damage, and make necessary repairs.  Finding the right person to do this may take some time, so don’t put this task off too long.
  4. Test Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Replace batteries and test detectors to ensure they’re functioning correctly.  Choose a day each year (April 15, maybe?) and replace all batteries.


  1. Maintain Lawn and Garden: Mow the lawn, trim bushes, and remove weeds regularly to keep the landscape looking neat. Consider regular maintenance for fertilizer and grub control if that is an issue.
  2. Inspect and Clean Outdoor Equipment: Clean and service outdoor equipment such as grills, lawn mowers, and garden tools. Organize them and discard the ones that are broken.  
  3. Seal Windows and Doors: Check for air leaks around windows and doors and seal them with weatherstripping or caulking to improve energy efficiency.
  4. Inspect Deck and Patio: Inspect decks and patios for signs of wear or rot, and clean or refinish as needed. Power washing your deck and patio is a good way to make it sparkle for the season. While you are at it, wash the furniture to get rid of the dust and cobwebs from winter.


  1. Clean Gutters and Downspouts: Remove leaves and debris from gutters to prevent clogging and water damage during winter.
  2. Winterize Plumbing: Insulate pipes, drain outdoor faucets, and have the heating system serviced to prepare for colder temperatures.
  3. Inspect Fireplace and Chimney: Clean the fireplace and chimney, and have them inspected for any issues before using them for the season.
  4. Check Exterior Lighting: Replace bulbs and clean fixtures to ensure adequate lighting and safety during darker evenings. If you have not invested in outdoor lighting or lighting on a timer, consider doing it for safety and aesthetics. 


  1. Prevent Ice Dams: Keep gutters clear of snow and ice to prevent ice dams from forming on the roof.
  2. Monitor Indoor Humidity and Check the HVAC System: Maintain indoor humidity levels to prevent dry air and potential damage to wood furniture and flooring. Make sure the furnace is up for the task of keeping the house warm. Change its filters.
  3. Inspect Attic and Basement: Check for signs of moisture or leaks in the attic and basement, and address any issues promptly.
  4. Test Backup Generators: If you have a backup generator, test it regularly to ensure it’s functioning properly in case of a power outage.

By following this seasonal maintenance checklist–and taking into account other tips, the Yosha Snyder Group wants homeowners to protect their investment, ensure their home remains in top condition year-round, and potentially save money on costly repairs down the line.

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