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Yosha Snyder Group Launches a New Property Website Tailored for the Central Indiana Market

Indianapolis REALTOR Cynthia Yosha-Snyder and the Yosha Snyder Group have launched a new website tailored for the local market in central Indiana. The new site features digital tools to help buyers and sellers.

Cynthia Yosha-Snyder, a REALTOR located in Indianapolis, has launched a brand new website featuring tools to help buyers and sellers in today’s local market. The site has tools such as an amortization calculator, local market reports and an easy-to-use home search. In addition, you can find the latest events, news, and things to do in Cynthia’s blog. 

Jacksons Grant Clubhouse, Carmel, IN

New Website Features

One of the tools available on the new website is the amortization calculator. This tool helps consumers to estimate their monthly mortgage and how much interest they will pay over time. The useful feature makes it easier for people to work out how much they will be paying on their mortgage across its term and if perhaps they could be getting a better deal.

NEW Local Market Reports

The new Local Market Reports feature is possibly the most significant new feature on the website. This feature allows buyers and sellers to get local information for a number of different markets. They can browse homes for sale, upcoming open house events, sale-to-list price, the median number of days the properties are listed on the site, and a total inventory of each market. The local market reports provide useful information for both buyers and sellers, helping them to get a better understanding of prices, property types and selling times in their chosen neighborhood.

Luxury Custom Build in Jacksons Grant, Carmel, IN

Home Search

The website also features a new home search, which is designed to be easy to use. It allows consumers to search for any home on the market and get relevant information for each property. They are able to see the latest prices, home descriptions, locations on a map, and more.

Home Search on

The search allows for filtering by location, price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property type and various property features, such as garages and basements. It is also possible to search by how long the property has been listed on the site, the size of the lot and property, and the year it was built.

Free E-Guides & Blog Posts

Other resources on the site include free e-guides and blog posts for buyers and sellers, which offer advice to consumers. There are also readiness surveys for buying and selling, giving homeowners the chance to start a discussion about their future wishes for their property.

As an added bonus, you can find out the latest things to do on her blog. You can find home seller’s step-by-step guide, home decor trends, local events, and things to do in Central Indiana.

Realtors Cynthia Yosha-Snyder and Cass Schuchman

Cynthia Yosha-Snyder & Cass Schuchman

Yosha Snyder Group is a team of two real estate experts, Cynthia Yosha-Snyder and Cass Schuchman. Their new website aims to give buyers and sellers in Central Indiana the tools that they need to navigate the local property markets.

Their services include home staging, local expertise, selling homes and help with buying homes too. With the new website, it’s even easier for buyers and sellers to find what they need.

For press enquiries, please get in touch with Cynthia Yosha-Snyder with F.C. Tucker Company, Inc. by emailing, calling (317) 843-7766 or writing to 9279 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260.

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