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Moving to a different town or city is a chance to see life in a new way. However, nobody wakes up, randomly points to a town, and just chooses to go there. It requires strategic planning and time to choose and implement a full move to a different town. If you have been thinking about moving to Indianapolis, you are at the right place. Below, we discuss different aspects of Indianapolis life. Here’s our relocation guide on moving to Indianapolis, Indiana.

An Overview of Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a huge city with a small-town feel that anyone would consider moving into its neighborhoods. Indianapolis has a thriving culture from its dynamic sports scenes, activity rich downtown area, and fast-growing agriculture and sustainable food scene.

Indianapolis is in the Midwest, and it is a welcoming city with a fast-growing economy. Indianapolis is the 15th largest and the most popular city in the state, with roughly 855,000 people. The metropolitan area harbors more than 2 million residents, making it the eye of Indiana’s cultural and economic center.

Indianapolis was a transportation and manufacturing hub from as early as 1821. It grew incredibly fast after the civil war, making it the second railroad center and the third-largest pork packing city in the United States. However, the city is more than just machines and hams. It is known for its eye-catching amateur sports. Indianapolis is home to the Indianapolis 500, the single-day sporting event, and also hosts one of the largest children’s museums, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, in the country. In addition, Indianapolis features numerous parks and museums.

When you are looking forward to moving to Indianapolis, then you are sure to have an experience of a lifetime. If you are a family person, a weekend out in Indianapolis is the way to go. From dinner, sports walks, or the amazing history behind its success.

Living in Indianapolis

Friendly Neighborhoods, Family Focused Areas, Diverse Population

For those with a family, a family-friendly neighborhood is probably at the top of the list. Indianapolis has a growing population of millennials and generation z population, and about 66% live in family households.  However, this cosmopolitan city has people from all over the world. Therefore, you should not be surprised to catch people speaking foreign languages in the streets. In addition, the city’s low cost of living and job opportunities attract are reasons to stick around.


Indianapolis has a thriving culture rich in arts, history, and welcoming neighborhoods. The art scene in Indianapolis is a collection of several locations – Indianapolis Art Center, the Murphy Art Center, Garfield Park, and even more. There are even local hubs such as Gallery 924 that feature local artists in their gallery.

For those that want to take a walk down memory lane, Indy offers historical lessons through the Indiana History Society, Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, Indiana State Museum, and much more. Each spot is unique and family friendly.

Experience all four distinct seasons

The winter is snowy and cold because the city lies in the middle of a plain’s biome, where whipping winds can lower the temperature to below 10 degrees via wing chill while the springs are rainy.

The summers in Indy are hot and humid, and according to locals and various guides, the fall is an amazing time. The temperature is between 30 and 76 degrees throughout the year. Overall, the climate in this city is fairly mild. However, Indianapolis is known for its rapidly changing weather. The weatherman might say it will be sunny; later on, it rains.

If you are new to Indianapolis, you will enjoy the seasons at breathtaking spots and sites such as the 150-year- old historic Crown Hill Cemetery or the Fort Harrison State Park.

Explore a variety of fun activities for the whole family

Indianapolis has activities that everyone in your family will enjoy. One of the best places to visit is the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, where you can enjoy your time with your kids as you learn about American Pop Culture, outer space, and dinosaurs. 

Another interesting attraction and site is the Rhythm Discovery Center, a fully-interactive percussion and drum museum perfect for kids and adults.

You can take a walk to the Indianapolis Zoo to learn more about different animals while you spend time with the world’s fiercest tigers and view giraffes, bears, and other species. 

Finally, if you are a lover of taking long or short walks, Conner Prairie gives you the chance to be one with nature. Carry your binoculars to watch the birds, walk through corn mazes, go hiking, and more. Indianapolis has a lot to offer and do with your kids.

Affordable cost of living

One of the biggest drawbacks of living in many cities is the cost of living. The cost of living in the city compared to living outside the city is high; from groceries, housing, entertainment, and dining, it all pushes you to put in three times the normal effort you should. However, the case is different when staying in Indianapolis.

Of the most expensive cities in the US, Indianapolis falls 48th for most expensive cities in the United States. Therefore, out of all the big cities in the United States, 47 are very expensive compared to Indianapolis. With all the sports, arts, dining, and fun of a big city, Indianapolis is the best place to stay at the cost of a suburb.

Indianapolis offers a fairly average parity with the entire country in gas, groceries, and utilities. The housing cost is low compared to the rest. Owning a property and renting in Indianapolis is very reasonable, with some of the most inexpensive homes valued at the country’s price.

Where to live in Indianapolis

It is crucial to know which neighborhood you will reside in and why. Indianapolis offers you many different yet interesting neighborhoods to choose from. From the serene options up north to picturesque, these midwestern neighborhoods will show you that moving to Indianapolis is the best decision you’ve ever made. Below is a list of Indy’s top neighborhoods you can choose.

Broad Ripple

Broad Ripple, also considered a cultural district, is located north of the bustling downtown. For many visitors, it is the most relaxed area in Indianapolis. With a strong sense of community, it has become a gold mine for new businesses and developers with revitalizing results.

Downtown Indianapolis

Downtown Indy, which offers a cool residential option, is also called Mile square, located downtown. The setting is chock filled with art exhibits, local festivals, cocktail bars, marathons, restaurants, and many other events. The area gains from revitalizing programs for beautification, growth, and well-being.

Meridian Kessler

Meridian Kessler is located to the north of Downtown Indianapolis. With a population of approximately 17,000, this neighborhood is one of the best places to live in Indianapolis. The neighborhood has residents who own their own homes and gives off suburban vibes. If you are one who enjoys social spaces, you will enjoy the coffee shops, bars, and parks.


Irvington is located on the Eastside of Indianapolis. This neighborhood is characterized by diverse neighbors and beautiful architecture and is only 5 miles outside downtown Indy. This neighborhood also gives you quick access to the interstate as a result of its location off the  I-465 loop. This neighborhood is the largest protected historic district in Indianapolis.

Some of the places you can enjoy in Irvington include the Benton House, Irvington Historical Society, Irvington Garden Club. 

Bridgewater Club

The Bridgewater Garden is for people who love an active lifestyle and a serene atmosphere. This neighborhood has 17 ponds and lakes and a 5-mile walking trail. 

There are also two golf courses and a practice facility that has the short game area, practice range, heated stalls, and high-tech equipment. There are couples, juniors, and ladies and gets tournaments. 


At some point, you might have dreamt of living by the lake while enjoying the peace and quiet of a close community. Bayview will make your dreams come true. Bayview is located miles from downtown and a short distance from Castleton. Bayview is located just outside of the 465 loop on the NorthEast side of Indy.

Crooked Creek

Among the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis, Crooked Creek is one of the most welcoming places. Here you get to enjoy the parks and bike trails with additional amenities such as the good old-fashioned creek stomping in Juan Solomon Park or horseback riding. In addition, the average of $875 and efficient commuting time to other parts of the city make this place worth considering.

Keystone at the Crossing

Keystone at the Crossing is a popular spot in Indianapolis that features an office park with access to popular dining, shopping, fitness, and housing. One of the popular attractions in the area is the Fashion Mall at Keystone that contains popular companies to shop through. And don’t forget to stop by the Cheesecake Factory!

North Willow

Located on the north side of Indy and inside of the 465 loop, North Willow Farms is an amazing community with the amenities to match. You can rent out the clubhouse online, head down to the community pool, or take advantage of the two tennis courts available to residents and their guest.

Village of West Clay

The Village of WestClay is located in Carmel, Indiana, but it’s a neighborhood full of charm in a great location. The Village of WestClay is close to several popular restaurants along US 31 – Bru Burger, Yats, Wild eggs, and the popular Caffé Buondí. If you decide to live in the Village of WestClay, you can take advantage of several perks that include recreational facilities, fitness center, outdoor sports, and more. Head over to our Village of WestClay page to learn more about the area.

Stuff to do in Indianapolis

There are several places to visit in Indianapolis, from arts, museums, outdoor spaces, shopping experiences, and nights out in town. Whether alone, with couples, or with kids, you will never run out of places to visit, like the museum of art, stroll along White River State Park with kids while touring the Lockerbie Square History District. You can decide to have a day out for a delicious breakfast or a romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant while watching an evening performance at the theater. Below are some interesting things to do while in Indianapolis.

Indiana State Museum

Art, Museum, and recreation sites

There are many artistic sites, including the world’s largest children’s museum, among many others. The following are among the most visited in Indianapolis.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The Children Museum is located a few minutes from downtown, featuring interactive learning that transforms the lives of children across the world of culture, arts, science, and humanity, with its five floors of fun. 

Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfield

Indianapolis Museum of Art is fifteen minutes north of Monument Circle in Indianapolis. It is among the largest and oldest general art museums and is part of Newfields campus. The museum consists of a wide variety of eras and cultures with over 50,000 works.

Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis zoo is in White River State Park along the Riverbanks. The zoo sits on 64 acres of indoor and outdoor animal attractions and three acres of outdoor gardens. Visitors can explore above 1,200 animals of over 230 species and almost 47,000 plant specimens.

Indiana State Museum

Indiana State Museum is located along the White River State Park, bringing out the best museum world to Indiana. It has three-floor floors of changing and permanent galleries. The museum talks about the story of the Hoosier state, featuring a year calendar of exhibits, educational programs, and events of all ages.

Canal and White River State Park District

The Canal and White River State Park District has something for everyone. From vigorous runs, relaxing strolls, a day at the ballpark, exploring Native American art, interacting with dolphins, you cannot miss something interesting at every turn—many museums, celebrations, and city attractions scattered around the district too. 

Lucas Oil Stadium

For sports lovers, the home of the Indianapolis Colts and host of the annual Big Ten Football Championship will be near you. Public tours are always available the whole year, with Colts shop ready to gear you up with outfits of your favorite team.

Other interesting arts and museums are the Colts play space, Freedom Spring Aquatics Park, Greatimes Fun Park, Indianapolis Public Library, The Paddock Racing Club, and Driving Training.

Traders Point Creamery

Many outlets allow residents to shop for whatever they need, from marketplaces malls to gift shops. The following are some major shopping centers:

Traders Point Creamery

Traders Point Creamery, located 20 minutes from downtown Indianapolis, is an organic dairy farm. It is an award-winning creamery and farm-to-table restaurant in the rural Traders Point area. You can shop at the farm store, have a treat at the dairy bar or dine at the restaurant. All the creamery products are from grass-fed animals. They include milk, ice cream, and cheese, among other dairy products.

Clay Terrace

Clay Terrace is located in Carmel, Indiana is an outdoor center with more than 80 stores. You can shop through popular places such as Sephora, DSW, Whole Foods Market and grab a bite to eat at Prime 47, Bella Pizzeria, Cafe Patachou, or several others.

Tuttle Orchards

Tuttle Orchards is a family-owned apple orchard, vegetable farm, and greenhouses. It has a farm-to-table farm store and sweet shop open throughout the year.

Literally Divine Chocolates

These are hand-crafted organic chocolates, including vegan and soy-free varieties with or without dairy.

Music and nightlife

If you ever feel like hanging out, Indianapolis is just the place for you to start. With music and nightlife, you will have lots of fun visiting the following areas.

Howl at the Moon

Part bar, part concert, Howl at the Moon is a high-energy piano bar that will get the crowd involved.

Blend Bar Cigar

For those that are looking for great cigar choices, the Blend Bar Cigar is an upscale cigar and bourbon bar located inside the 465 loop near the Castleton area.

Morty’s Comedy Joint

Take a seat at Morty’s, grab a drink, and enjoy some of the best comedy in Indy.

Slippery Noodle Inn

Indiana’s oldest, continually operated bar offers live music 7 nights a week and great food.

Local Breweries

If you are after local craft beer, there are several to choose from – Four Day Ray Brewing, Sun King, Chilly Water Brewing Company, Fountain Square Brew Co., Bier Brewery, Daredevil Brewing, and more.

Dave and Buster’s Greenwood

Dave and Buster is a nice place for eating, playing, watching, and drinking. The food restaurant and entertainment center has a lot to offer, from arcade games, a chef-crafted menu, a premium sports view, and innovative drinks.

Other areas include Mystery Café, which hosts shows about fictitious groups of people with an interesting stories. Volunteers are also chosen from the crowd to play a character. In the same banquet room, dinner is served as part of the ongoing show. The best actor is then gifted at the end of the show for marvelous acting. Finally, for a family-friendly atmosphere with some sparkle and glitters, Baby’s serves burgers and shakes, a fabulous place to spend your evening with the company of your family and friends.

Find a Home in Indiana

Indianapolis is called the Crossroads of America when it comes to transportation because of its major interstates roads surrounding and intersecting the city. These roads ease transportation to several destinations in the country. The city is also launching its own ride-sharing company to encourage public transport and reduce the dependency on your car. As a result, the city will be among the most sustainable and green cities in the nation. IndyGo transportation system gets you anywhere you wish to go throughout the city. All major airlines in the United States and domestic flights are served at the Indianapolis International Airport. It is convenient and world-class.

Reach out to Yosha Snyder Group

There are several neighborhoods with houses that might catch your interest. Yosha Synder Group can help you get your dream home in whichever community you prefer to have your home. Yosha Synder Group offers extensive coverage of Indianapolis. The information provided can help you plan before relocating to Indianapolis. Planning includes where you will stay, shop, recreational facility, and educational centers, among many others. Both roads and airlines are efficient means of transportation around Indianapolis. The area has many recreational facilities, from Children Museum to outdoor parks. Indianapolis suits all age brackets, making it a place you might want to consider living.

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