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The whole concept of marketing is to promote a product to the most willing audience. In the world of residential real estate, it means sharing your house to the audience of people looking to buy. The best way to do that? Hire a REALTOR®. Seriously. It is their job to understand the residential real estate market. It is also their job to understand the best way to promote your house. 

Here are some tips of the trade:

Determining Price

Your REALTOR® will help you set the right price for your house in your market. Sure, the West Coast may be in a perennial bidding war for housing, but the Midwest often uses a slightly different model. A qualified REALTOR® will have access to comparable listings and be able to guide you to a price that allows your house to realistically be purchased while also getting you the best financial deal possible. Many variables go into this, but comps will let them know what is for sale, how long the properties are on the market, and how much they go for. Can you do this yourself? Maybe. But selling a house takes time (remember, you have to purge those closets), and an experienced REALTOR® has ready access to this information.

Visual Appeal

Many people shop online today before they will even step foot in your house. Because of that, having photographs that present your house in the best light, literally, possible is essential. Avoid the instinct to just snap some photos of your house with your iPhone at night. Instead, think about when your house looks its best. Maybe it’s just after dawn? Or in the slumber of late afternoon? Maybe it’s a cloudy day that softens the light from all of those windows. Let a professional photographer come and stage your house so that it looks as good as possible. Just like a new soda or household cleaner, remove the emotional attachment. Your house is a new product to introduce to the widest audience. With inviting and beautiful pictures with descriptions that explain exactly what is visible, your house is well-positioned for a sale.

Open House

Strategically planning an Open House to maximize visitors is essential. The REALTOR® understands whether or not the Sunday of Memorial Day in Indiana is the best time to have an Open House in Speedway.  Maybe it is if they are catering to the Indy 500 Race fans. But if you do not want your customers to get stuck in traffic, most REALTORs® will consider a different weekend. Essentially, an Open House is good advertising. Your house is for sale. Now, you need the people to come see it.

Hiring the right REALTOR® makes all of the difference. The Yosha Snyder Group knows the Indianapolis area, and they know how to promote your house. Choose them to represent you in all of your real estate needs.

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