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Your closets are clean.  Your pantry has been purged.  Your yard is blooming.  Your house is ready to sell.

Stop the presses. Have you asked your REALTOR® what you need to do? This is an essential part of the house selling process. An experienced REALTOR® like the Yosha Snyder Group can give you some advice that goes beyond the cosmetic. They can tell you what really needs to be fixed when selling your house and will advise you on how to do it.

Attention to Detail

Some fixes are pretty minor. You think you have cleaned the house, but your REALTOR® reminds you that those dust bunnies and cobwebs need to go away with your pet for the Open House. Stand up high and see what you miss from eye-level. Get down on the floor and look under furniture. It’s the little things that count, and this attention to detail matters–and they are simple fixes.

Create a Punch List

New construction owners will work with the builder on a punch list to be completed before the house is move-in ready. Your current home deserves a punch list too. Does the hot water faucet in the guest bathroom leak? Is one of the lights outside the front door tilted at an angle?  Is the gutter loose on the back of the house? Are the weeds along the foundation unsightly? Your REALTOR® is the best person to help you create your punch list. Their expertise is in knowing what needs fixing and what can wait for the next owner.  In the perfect world, you have kept up with all house maintenance–even tackling jobs that do not seem to matter at the moment. The reality, though, is that most of us do what is necessary. Taking care of annoying plumbing issues, updating and servicing the HVAC and AC systems, and investigating the viability of the roof will tell the prospective new owner that you care about the important things.

Good Impressions Matter

If your lights are all warm white instead of a mixture of warm and daylight, if the floorboards are clean, the stairwell is not covered with sticky fingerprints, if you have swept the garage floor and emptied the trash cans, you are on your way to helping your house become someone else’s home.  If you really want to be bold, the biggest return on your investment, after all of the other options are completed, is to update the kitchen and the bathrooms. You can go big–all new appliances–or go small with new paint and hardware. There are so many choices.

The Yosha Snyder Group knows all of these options. Their job as your REALTOR® is to help you get the most bang for your buck. Talk with them before tackling anything of substance. They are eager to help advise you and help your house become someone else’s home.

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