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Always had your eye on that one house in that one neighborhood at the end of that one cul-de-sac? 

Have you driven by it so many times that you are worried the neighbors might think you are a stalker?  

Can you see just exactly what you would do to the outside?  To the shutters?  To the planters?

Can you imagine yourself living there?

If you want to get that house before it ever goes on the market, the one tried and true thing to do is simply put a note in the mailbox. And then take a big breath and wish.

While this method may actually work on occasion, there is a bit of science to find homes that are off market. This means, technically, that they are not yet formally under contract and would not appear on any Realtor listings.

So what can be done?  Well, with a little work on your end, you can sometimes find your dream home without it ever formally being listed.

If the mailbox method seems a little too much like playing the lottery, here are a variety of options.

1. Find a Realtor you would like to work with.

A Realtor from the Yosha-Snyder Group might just fit the bill for you.  You want someone who is willing to do what it takes to get you in your forever home.  When you have the right Realtor–one who really understands exactly what you need, where you want to live, when you want to move, and what you can afford–they will sometimes have access to owners who are considering selling but have not yet listed their hope. There are a variety of reasons for this, but whatever the reason, the result can work in your favor.  In this instance, you would not be subjected to Open Houses and the competition. Instead, the sale and purchase becomes about relationships–yours, the sellers, and your Realtor. Literally, your Realtor can get you in the front door first.

2. A pocket listing is another option.

This is exactly what it sounds like; everything is kept, metaphorically, in the “pocket.”  Most sellers who prefer a pocket listing have a home that is generally exclusive–whether it is because of the home, the location, or the identity of the seller. They do not want everyone in the neighborhood to know they are selling and definitely would prefer to avoid a For Sale sign in the front yard. Instead, they choose to keep the whole transaction private.  That means the home is a listing that never gets on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This type of transaction benefits those who are experienced in buying and selling their homes–and put their full trust in their Realtor.

3. Consider a FSBO.

Everyone loves a good acronym, and FSBO (“Fizbo”) has a nice ring to it. FSBO stands for “For Sale by Owner.”  Many first-time sellers like to hope they have the time and patience to sell their home on their own.  Often, they will try to list their home for a month or so and then realize enlisting the help of a Realtor takes a lot of the pressure off of the transaction.  Even if you discover the perfect FSBO, having a relationship with a Realtor who can represent you in the purchase process is of great benefit. Their job is to make sure you leave the closing with your patience–and finances–in hand.

4. Be patient.

Selling a home is rarely a quick process. It takes a while to clean out the closets and spruce up the interior. When a seller is considering selling, often they will contract a Realtor to help them initiate the process.  Once they do that, the home, even if it’s not quite ready for the sign in the front yard, moves into the “Coming Soon” category.  It’s a legitimate advantage that lets others know the house is being worked on and will be ready. Soon.  This can work to your advantage.  This type of home, when listed as “Coming Soon,” has a signed agreement with a Realtor and the designation maximizes the exposure of the home to the market.

In every case, finding the right Realtor is the right idea.  The Yosha-Snyder Group wants the job of helping you find your forever home–no matter how it is listed.  They are the experts in your neighborhood.

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