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Home staging is becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to spruce up their living space and make it stand out from the crowd. With the dawn of a new year, 2023 is set to be the year of home staging, with a slew of new trends set to emerge. 

From bold color schemes to eye-catching accents, there are plenty of ways to give your living space a makeover that will have even the most die-hard skeptics taking notice. So, if you want to get ahead of the curve and give your home a refresh for the new year, here are some home staging trends to look out for in 2023.

What is home staging?

Home staging is a process that is used to improve the way a home appears to potential buyers, sellers or renters. It is a visual merchandising technique that is used to optimize the appeal of a property by improving its curb appeal through the use of staging furniture, as well as optimizing the lighting, paint color, and other visual elements of a space. 

Home staging is not about renovating or redecorating a property, it is about maximizing the potential of a space by making it appear more appealing and desirable to the owner’s target market. Staging a home to sell is often seen as a last resort for homeowners who aren’t able to sell their properties through traditional means. Home staging is not just a way to sell a home but a great way to maximize the value of your home when you are not in a hurry to sell.

Bold Color Schemes

One of the most common home staging trends is the bold use of color. By using eye-catching accents in vibrant hues, you can draw the eye towards the things you want to highlight in your living space and make them stand out. Bright colors have the ability to make a space feel more welcoming and less formal, making them a great choice if you want to make your home feel more like a home and less like a house. 

If you want to use bold color schemes in your living space, you don’t need to paint the walls or make expensive renovations. You can draw attention with things like colorful wallpapers, bold rugs, striped pillows, or patterned curtains to make your space feel more vibrant and alive. You can also experiment with different color combinations to find a color scheme that feels comfortable in your home and suits your taste. There’s no rule that says your walls have to be a single color – you can use color to create contrast, add interest, and make a space feel more visually appealing and exciting.

According to Sherwin Williams, the color of the year 2023 is Redend Point, SW 9081.

Eye-Catching Accents

Another common home staging trend to look out for is eye-catching accents. These can include anything from bold artwork to decorative items and vases, and they are a great way to add visual interest to a space without having to change the layout or furniture. You can use these items to draw attention to the things you want to emphasize, like a fireplace or a view, or they can be used to inspire a mood in a room, like using candles to create a cozy atmosphere. 

Whether you want to exhibit your favorite pieces of art or showcase your prized possessions, or you want to draw attention to a certain part of your home, eye-catching accents are a great way to do it. A room doesn’t have to be filled with stuff to be interesting, and when potential buyers can’t see the floor or the walls, it can be hard to know what they’re missing out on. Using eye-catching accents can help to fill in the gaps and showcase your home’s best features so you get a better sale price and close faster.

Pinterest has many accents to browse through and here’s one of many options on Pinterest.

Natural Elements

Another trend that is on the rise thanks to its ability to add visual interest and make a space feel more inviting is the use of natural elements. This can include the use of foliage, flowers, or other botanicals in vases to bring life and color to a room, as well as decorative items like driftwood. These items can be used to add a natural feeling to a room, and they’re especially useful if you want to showcase a view or bring attention to a piece of art. Using natural elements in your decor also comes with a variety of benefits for your health and wellbeing, including the improvement of air quality. 

If you want to bring in more natural elements to your home, there are plenty of options available. You can use plants to decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces, you can bring in decorative items like decorative seashells or dried flowers, or you can use natural materials like wood or woven baskets. No matter what type of natural element you decide to use, they are a great way to add visual interest to a room, showcase your favorite items, or bring attention to something you want people to notice.

Technology and Smart Home Integration

For years, we have been using items like sound bars, fancy TVs, and other home theater equipment to bring our living spaces to life, and now home staging trends are bringing technology and the smart home into the equation. This includes the use of technology like voice assistants, smart TVs, and smart home appliances like connected fridges, and it can bring features like voice-activated lights, mood lighting, and smart TV features like gesture controls and built-in apps and games into your home. 

It’s not just about the aesthetics of your space anymore; it’s about the functionality too. If you want to bring technology into your home staging, or if you already own some smart home equipment, there are plenty of ways you can use it to bring your living space to life. You can use smart furniture like tables that have built-in charging stations, you can use smart lighting to create mood lighting, or you can use smart home appliances to bring your kitchen into the 21st century.

Don’t know where to get started? We’d recommend starting with Amazon Alexa. There are other products available to automate your home, but Amazon Alexa is easy to setup and affordable. Below is one video that walks you through setting up an Alexa.

Repurposed Decor

Another trend to look out for when staging your home is the repurposed decor trend, which involves the creative repurposing of items like furniture, decorative pieces, and decorations. You can use this trend to create one-of-a-kind pieces that fit in with your decor and give your home a unique, one-of-a-kind feel. 

There are plenty of items you can repurpose to create decorative items for your home, including books, bottles, wooden pallets, metal, broken china, and more. You can even create decorative items out of items you thought had no use in your home like old sports equipment, broken appliances, or old electronics. There are virtually no limits when it comes to repurposed decor, and there are plenty of ideas and tutorials online to help you get started.

Wallpaper Accents

Another trend that brings visual interest and a pop of color to a room is the use of wallpaper accents. This trend is a great way to highlight a feature wall in your room and add a bold and exciting element to your home. 

Wallpaper accents are a great way to make a bold statement without having to paint the entire room, and you can use different wallpaper patterns and styles on different walls to create a fun and eclectic look in your home. There are plenty of wallpaper companies that make wallpaper that can be used in accent walls. You can also use wallpaper to create bold and interesting wallpaper patterns on your other walls as well. You can even use wallpaper on your ceiling to create a bold and interesting look in your home.

What trends are you looking forward to in 2023?

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