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Home is where the heart is. It’s so important to make your home feel comfortable for you and your family, and this starts with your favorite features of your home! 

Maybe it’s you and your kids playing on the floor in the living room. Or having an open floor plan so you’re all together. Or having a basement for entertaining and kid fun. All these “wish list” home features make your home a welcoming place for you and your family… Home is where the heart is.

What do you want in your new home? While it’s unlikely your home will be perfect in every way, the best way to get close to your perfect home is to create a wish list. This will help keep us on track when looking at homes. As a realtor, I don’t want to show you homes that would never meet your expectations, and you don’t want to waste your time!

Here are a few ideas to begin your wish list:

1. Think about everything you love and will miss about your current home. Then things you’d like to find in the next one!

2. List your top 3 neighborhoods. You can always expand this list if needed!

3. What amenities and services do you need nearby? Grocery? Park? Neighborhood pool? Lifestyle is often as important and for some, is even more important than the features of the home.

4. What are your “must haves”? These are the things that if the home doesn’t have it, you won’t even consider it!

5. Now your “would love to haves”. Think the icing on the cake to your “must haves”.

Can we help you narrow down your wish list? Reach out at We’d love to talk!

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