Mortgage Lenders

There are many lenders available in today’s market but you need a lender who can fulfill your needs. Many buyers need a traditional lender who can get the job done. While others can benefit from a specialized lending situation. Included are reliable lenders. Please contact a few to determine the best option for you. if you have a unique situation, let me know, I can guide you to the best option for you.

Michael Holl

Tucker Mortgage, LLC

Traditional Mortgages


Kelly Hardin

National Bank of Indianapolis

Local Bank Lending, Special Programs


Andee Kettlebar

Elements Financial

All Mortgages and Portfolio


John Murphy

MJW Financial

All Mortgages


Chris Moore

Prospect Mortgage

FHA, 203K, HomeStyle


Susan Hinshaw

Merchants Bank of Indiana

Mortgages, HELOCs

5 Things to Protect Your Mortgage Process….

✦ Do not run up your credit cards: When you first get approved for a mortgage, don’t spend a

large amount of money. It is a good idea to keep your credit card debt at the exact same or

lower lever when approved.

✦ Keep working your normal work hours. Do not think that because you are approved you can

cut back on your work hours.

✦ Do not buy a new car, apply for new credit cards, or apply for any kind of new credit. It can

count into your overall debt-to-income ratio.

✦ Do not bounce any checks or have NSF’s at your bank.

✦ Contact Ryan Keip at Precision Credit Group for all credit concerns. Reasonably priced.

303.888.6572 or

✦ Check in with your loan officer regularly. Stay informed!